Our Story
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Hi! I'm Hillary and welcome to Olympic Gold & Jewelry. My mission is to create relationships with my clients and to provide a channel where you can buy, sell, consign and get a loan with ease and reassurance. I understand that our jewelry is very special and you may have questions. It is my pleasure to assist you in purchasing any of our unique fine and vintage jewelry, fine watches and one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Hillary Barth Vintage Fine Jewelry for Olympic Gold and Jewelry

Our Story
Olympic Gold and Jewelry is operated by Hillary Barth and her small team. Hillary has enjoyed a lifelong passion for travel, adventure and discovery of jewelry throughout the U.S. and to distant lands. Along the way she's been blessed to have admired and acquired items of great beauty, unique craftsmanship, eclectic design, and even some oddities that defy description!

At OGJ, we truly understand that things have value and meaning. Life presents us with the opportunity to write our own personal story. Yes, we love to buy, sell, trade, loan, learn and share. We say "thank you" each morning and we are always excited to start each day as we never know what people and treasures will come through our door.

What really puts a smile on our face and is our greatest joy, is when our clients become our friends. When we can share and celebrate life’s precious, wonderful moments. There is no higher compliment. That’s what makes Olympic Gold and Jewelry meaningful to us, and we hope, to you as well. Beauty is Everywhere. Look. See. Be Amazed. Enjoy.


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• Jewelry Purchases & Sales • Layaway • Complimentary Jewelry Cleaning & Evaluations •

We invite you to become part of the Olympic Gold and Jewelry family. Whether you are looking to purchase the perfect engagement ring, strand of pearls, vintage pendant, or to sell grandma’s sterling or jewelry, we look forward to providing you an informative, comfortable, fun and memorable experience.